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The Benefits of Face to Face vs Online

Updated: Apr 13

Which class is is the right one for you, face to face or online?

In my 3 years experience of teaching online, I have seen that the same results can be achieved online compared to face to face, as long as there is commitment to regular practice.


These Online classes are taught in detail with precise instructions and demonstrations so you can follow and progress at your own pace.

Here is a list of some of the pros and cons of both online and face to face:

Group Online


Practise from anywhere in the world;

Classes are pay as you go;

Camera on or off;

No travel time to consider;

Use any device, even a mobile phone;

See clearly how the teacher demonstrates all the exercises, and listen for the self correction cues;

Email contact for any questions / extra guidance;

Fit classes into a busy timetable.


The teacher may find it hard to see you and provide personalised corrections and guidance;

Less motivating if you're distracted at home;

You need a small space you can practice preferably quietly.

Group Face to Face:


Classes work out very reasonable by paying upfront for a block of 8 sessions;

Encourages commitment (that’s when we see results);

Sociable atmosphere;

Progress together as a group in a friendly and supportive environment;

Get personalised corrections and suggestions for improvement;

Any classes missed can be made up online at your convenience.


You must commit to the same time and day for at least 8 weeks;

There is travel time to consider if you do not live nearby;

Classes fill up quickly;

Payment cannot be refunded.

All face to face classes are currently FULL but there's always space online.

Sign up for your first FREE class TODAY or get yourself on the waitlist for classes in Manchester!

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